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Dandruff Control Hair Oil for Men

Added June 10, 2021
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Let your hair breathe. No more buildup with this light, Dandruff Control Hair Oil for Men and women that slow down the production of sebum in your scalp and prevent dandruff from resurfacing. Let it create a dent in that strand-falling-off problem—restore lost nutrients to boot! Hair growth is one of the most fundamental processes of life and proper hair care. That’s why we formulated this special blend made up essential oils that restore lost nutrients to your scalp, stimulate blood flow, promote new cell growth and strengthen hair from within. Even though your head may not be as greasy as if you were a teenager with oily skin, it still needs good oil to keep the natural balance in check. This Reawaken Dandruff Control Hair Oil does just that – keeping dryness at bay by coating areas where sebum production is stimulated or too little/ too much happens whilst restoring your scalp health for more elasticity which means less breakage and more length (think Rapunzel).

Dandruff Control Hair Oil for Men

Price: ₹ 174.00

Location: India
New Delhi
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